1st Challenge

2.  How do the introductions of Sue Waters and Miss W. differ? They are both teachers yet one gives out more personal information than the other.  Why?

3.  If you did the challenge last year, you might need to update your ‘About’ page. Things might have changed and you might want to tell more about yourself to your readers.

   In my opinion, I believe that Sue Waters and Miss Wyatt are both dedicated to their programs that they run. Also, they are both very determined to see to that kids make relationships and have fun while blogging. With different perspectives they both seem to connect in what they manage to say.

See my About Page to learn what I am About.

3 thoughts on “1st Challenge

  1. Thanks Brian, we certainly are both dedicated to our programs. Mine is mainly to help students while Sue Waters has a lot more technical knowledge than what I do. But we both love running the student challenges while Sue Waters also runs similar challenges for adults.

  2. Hi Brian, sorry for taking so long to visit. Excellent comparison of the difference between the two of us. How are you going with the student blogging challenge?

  3. Hi Brian, thanks for the feedback. Here is the response I wrote on my blog.

    It is always hard task to have the balance between providing new tasks for previous people and basic tasks for new people. However I am currently redoing the same blogging challenge I almost 2 years ago and repeating it when you are a bit more experienced gives you an opportunity to look at it with different eyes.

    Why not do what I do and turn the tasks around to provide advice on how you have done the task? Some of the new participants might enjoy the help?

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