A Hero

What type of person comes to your mind when you hear somebody talk about a “Real Hero”?” What are the qualities and who is one person you would consider to be a hero today.

         You never know when someone is your hero. Heroes are silent and they work in mysterious ways. They are always in the back of your mind and never thought about. They are the people who are so close to you that they seem so far. They aren’t your everday professional athletes. They aren’t the famous celebrities who claim they’ll help the kids of American out. They aren’t the people that save your life one time because they have to. Those are heroes with the wrong definition. A hero is someone who is always there for you. They make time for you and they are someone who does things for you and don’t even realize the significance until one day it hits. One day you will realize that this person is your hero, and will always be your hero. Heroes are someone that don’t need to be thanked in order to do something else for you. They do it because they unconditionally love you. At first they are your average person, but as maturation develops they are your hero. A hero who can never be replaced no matter the obstacle. Just a hero.


More Democratic or Less Democratic

     It is hard to tell whether our country should become more democratic or less democratic. They way things progress right now there is no sure way what government system we should obtain. To let the people rule though, in my opinion, may definitely have its ups and downs. Right now I can say that leaving our government as is will be the best that can possibly be done.

Blogging Challenge 09: True color

A baseball field has the true colors that lie within me. The colors of the dirt, grass, and the colors of passion that flow among the airs of the field.  Baseball is a game that I can play physically, in my head, and any way one can think of. Baseball is my true color.


Most Dangerous Question

The most dangerous question to ask someone, in my opinion, is what do you see the future being like? I think is the most dangerous question because either its response will mentally destruct the person asking the question, or the mentally destruct the person being asked. This is a feared question by many, and many dont want to be asked that.


If the electoral college was abolished, I believe the qualifications for a voter to vote fror a president should be incessant qualifications as you would need to run for president though a lesser age. This is because they are experienced with the United States and its priorities and they understand the political crisises as they live through them. I believe that it would not make too much of a difference, however, because the electors that are voted for are voted for because of their likes and dislikes of the political topics.

Verb Name

If my name had to be a verb, it would most likely be study, just kidding. It would definitely be along the lines of Pump or Dance or maybe even Compete. I am very competitive and sometimes my actions (verbs) get the best of be. Be careful not to make your verb name a bad one.

Contemporary Issues

             There are many issues that surround our global economy in the sense that corruption is brushing against many countries imaginary borders, and their structural integrity are weakened and depressed for their strategies are worth no excellence. Poverty and corruption are two commonly used terms in the state of speaking of contemporary issues. These terms are used together, because they are fit hand in hand together, sort of as a cause and effect system. As corruption occurs most in poor countries it still is possible to encroach upon countries of wealth, as you notice it has in the United States of America. These are common issues that need to be considered each day. For example, Mexico is becoming more and more ruled over by the citizens every day it is being considered a failed state. When governments can’t hold the power over their people, things will get dangerous.


            Going “green” is a very common structure that is expressed amongst the world and its leaders. As I know that it is very important, personally I am not based on any strategic plan to go “green.” I understand that people ask you what you do to ensure a healthy global ecosystem. Though this question often bothers me for my time is not dedicated to “green.” Of course I am careful when it comes to people littering, and doing things that pollute everyone else. I do care for the world and its systems however I don’t have dedication to the time that it involves. Keep an eye out I do, but I am not organized within a group. To the people who are, I encourage these actions and promote their well-being, for you are making a difference in this corrupted society. Thank you.


                    The true definition of a democracy consists of these words: government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

                    As that may be the dictionary definition of democracy, there is no universally agreed definition. Even though there is no universally accepted definition of ‘democracy’, there are two principles that any definition of democracy includes. The first principle is that all members of the society (citizens) have equal access to power and the second that all members (citizens) enjoy universally recognized freedoms and liberties. Many opinions exist of the democracy, and most people decided that they have many issues with this type of government. I believe that, yes, there definitely needed to be organization in our country and government was probably at the time the most simplistic way of forming this organization. Though their initiative to take advantage of the people is completely wrong, and the principle of the democracy is not fulfilling its destiny of all equal and people of freedom. Our democracy is made up of greedy and selfish individuals in which only care about the people affecting them rather than the people they are affecting. Money brings the worst out in people, and this is exactly what happened to the government. When there is no one to turn to for money, they turn to the 300,000,000 people of the country for their money. They know what they are doing to many, but they also don’t think the slightest bit of changing those actions.